Interviewing Oprah Winfrey

Interviewing Oprah Winfrey

    Tracy Wilson writes life through the filter of an eternal optimist who squeezes every drop of meaning from this great big world and puts it into words that reach deep places, make us believe in ourselves, each other and navigate the ups and downs of  life's roller coaster. She's also an accomplished story teller who has won an Emmy and a Cine Golden Eagle award and has interviewed the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Darius Rucker, Richard Petty, and her childhood favorite, Captain Kangaroo. 

     Throughout Tracy's years anchoring news and hosting TV shows, she has seen it all:  the crazy, the beautiful, the redeeming, the terrifying, the unforgettable. Along the way, she has written hundreds of television scripts about incredible people and places. Her travel stories feature everything from the beaches of Bermuda, to baby Beluga whales in the Canada's Hudson Bay. For nearly twenty years she worked at various broadcasting outlets including ABC Sports and ESPN. Tracy also hosted one of the top rated local morning TV shows in the U.S. and was an occasional reporter for the HGTV show, "Haven." She now freelances, writing scripts and articles, and doing voice overs for feature videos, documentaries and commercials, although most of her time is currently spent on a writing a book that's an Underdog story overflowing with heart and inspiration. It's the story she was born to tell.

     Tracy's passion is writing about Underdogs, those who consistently inspire us and make us believe anything is possible. It's a relatable topic because we are all Underdogs at one point or another, in small ways and in big.  And who doesn't need a reminder, especially in tough times, that even the seemingly insurmountable can be overcome? 

     This Underdog writer is Canadian by birth, but lives in North Carolina with her British husband, two teenaged sons and two female dogs who are her only hope for girl talk at home. She is a passionate traveler who loves getting to know the people, culture and food in the places she visits. Writing is an integral part of Tracy’s life, her way of reaching out to others, and she plans to continue weaving stories until she takes her last breath.

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