Through the years, Tracy has covered a lot of ground and told the stories of many people, from Oprah Winfrey to underdogs enduring tragedy, and ordinary folks making an extraordinary difference. Every story, every interview was an education in the human experience, evidence of the ways we are transformed by others, and the ways we transform others through our own stories.   

Tracy is a researcher and student of life who speaks about Underdogs and noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Though her topics are varied, they all fall under the umbrella of encouraging and inspiring. She'll connect with your audience in a meaningful way about subjects, including:

  • How to cultivate joy through grateful living. Using her journalistic skills, Tracy has researched and condensed information to make it understandable and easy to remember. She has also created unique practices, developing new ways to move deeper into gratitude and make it a lasting part of your life, including combining it with another practice called savoring. This combination is a super power that allows us to find joy even alongside difficult circumstances. She teaches about the science of gratitude and she’ll share unusual ways to cultivate it. Studies show the benefits are seen in relationships, at work, and at school. This is a practice that saved her during her life’s most brutal times. She believes it can save others, too.

  • There is nothing more inspiring than an underdog who beats the odds. Tracy has met many of them, written their stories, and is now penning a book about a little known team that made one of the biggest comebacks in sports history and their die-hard coach who refused to give up on them. Tracy grew up in a pro sports family and has also interviewed hundreds of underdogs who faced challenges on the field and in life. She’ll inspire and motivate by uncovering their stories and describing how they beat the odds, leaving you feeling like you can, too.

  • Tracy’s stories have most often been those from the heart and she has learned that writing is an incredibly effective way of getting in touch with how we really feel and becoming clearer communicators. She’s also learned this in her personal life, through a devastating event that took her family to the brink of falling apart. She’ll share her story and guide you through ways to slow down, untangle decoy emotions, and pinpoint what your heart is really telling you. It’s an effective way of getting in touch with yourself and those with whom you communicate.

  • Traveling around the world, whether to do feature stories for TV or for personal enrichment, gives Tracy the know-how to teach about many facets of life on the road, from her best travel tips to her first solo venture abroad and how it changed her, despite a disastrous start. (Or maybe because of it.) She’ll explain how to take your journey beyond the tourist sites and find ways to connect with the people, the culture, and create unforgettable, deeper experiences.

  • As an adoptee, Tracy has learned and grown from her unusual beginning. She acknowledges the struggle that many have with being given up and she shares how she has arrived at a positive perception of loss.. and gain. She never had a desire to meet her “real” parents (a commonly mistaken label)… until gratitude compelled her to find the woman who gave her life, solely to say thank you. But that simple act of gratitude yielded much more.

  • Faith is a huge part of Tracy’s life. It has been since her first God moment when she was only eight years old. There have been many more since then, perhaps because she sees most everything that happens as a way of connecting with her Maker, something that has drawn her deeper and shown her again and again through an array of experiences that Heaven and earth are a lot closer than many think. This also ties perfectly into the topic of gratitude, something cited many times in religious teachings because it brings us closer to God.

From discovering the deepest meaning of Christmas in a remote, ancient village in Bali, to witnessing a shooting and wondering, as she hid in fear, if she would be next; from doing TV stories about the horrors of the world and the strength of the human spirit, to experiencing first-hand the bond between Heaven and earth, Tracy offers a source of hope, encouragement and a message that consistently says we can do hard things and end up better and stronger because of them. 

This seasoned pro is a dynamic, engaging speaker, who honed her skills while hosting a live TV show that was one of the top rated in the U.S. Navigating the high-wire of live TV for two-and-a-half-hours every weekday taught this nimble communicator how to connect with and hold an audience. Most of all, she will inspire you with real life parables and uplifting experiences.

Tracy loves to reach people's hearts. Folks say she's good at it. You'll definitely want to get something on the books. Click the "ABOUT" tab above to contact her so the two of you can figure out the just-right topic for your next event!