Finding the extraordinary in ordinary life.

Writing Life is about reaching hearts and finding the extraordinary in good times and bad. It's about Underdogs who inspire us to get through our own hard stuff. It's part years of working in TV, seeing the best and the worst of humanity. It's part life experience as a seeker and learner of lessons I wish I had know years ago and some I have yet to learn. It's God and love and light and being in this life together. Welcome to this good space where there's plenty of fuel for your fire.

We do Life Together

Life can be beautiful, excruciatingly difficult, weird and wonderful and all of it is better when there's a circle of people around us to celebrate, encourage, laugh, cry, and renew our belief that we can get through it. Together.


Writing Life is about finding inspiration in people, places and meaning in the mundane. It's about the extraordinary that's mixed in with the ordinary, the stuff we can easily miss if we're not looking for it, the stuff that makes our lives more meaningful, more balanced, more beautiful, and  more connected with one another. It gives us what we need to keep going and enjoy the journey. The goal is to open the circle far and wide, bring everyone into it, ignite hearts and spread like wildfire a message of hope, inspiration and joy. 

Tracy spent decades writing scripts for TV, won an Emmy and a Cine Golden Eagle award, and now follows her heart's passion, Writing Life. She squeezes every word from her heart and stitches them together in a warm blanket of love, encouragement, hope and celebration. This is a place for Underdogs (aren't we all Underdogs from time to time?), for those who want to find the good in the hard and the gratitude in the easy.  These are our words.  This is our place.  And here, together, life is better.  

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