Move Along.....

"Progress is most often made not in leaps and bounds, but in baby steps."  
                                                                                          - tw

So many things get in the way of our progress in losing weight, decorating the house, finding a new job, writing a book, or whatever that one thing is that matters. Really matters. You've faced it, too, right? You have your goals and you have your distractions that pull you from them and sometimes it all makes you wonder if you'll ever get where you want to be.

I've been feeling that frustration lately as I deal with distractions that pull me from writing a book that I know is the one thing I am supposed to do with my life. I am absolutely compelled to tell this story, but obstacles come into my path and compete for my time and attention. This is when I have to remember and honor my priorities, renew my determination, push hard, find a way, make time, do what I can and know that baby steps count, too. Progress doesn't have to come fast to be progress. 

Don't worry about how many steps you take or how big they are, or how much you get done, or how well you do it. Do your best and move closer to your goal. Baby steps will carry you when giant strides are impossible. 

Forward motion is what we're after, one foot and then another, never taking our eyes off the finish line because that, Underdogs, is where we are going!