Snow Day Slow Day

The pipes are wrapped. School is cancelled. And now we wait for the snow. The anticipation is almost palpable in my house. 

The kids love that it means a day off school and I love that it slows things down and brings us together. My hubby, the boys and I hunker down and the pressures of homework and work-work lift. It's like Mother Nature dropped a little vacation right in our laps. We go for a walk, play in the snow and then warm up with hot chocolate and good old fashioned board games. The kids actually want to join in with their old mom and dad (a welcome change from their typical teenage game of hide and seek in which they are always the hiders and we have to seek them out). 

Yes it's cold. Yes, snow-mageddon may create turmoil. But for now, my house is warm, and so is my heart. Hoping yours is, too.

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