Give it to Grace

You have to figure it out. We all do. How are you going to deal with your difficult one? You know, the one who drives you crazy. Ranting, raging, exploding crazy. 

Loving fully isn't easy. It means pushing the uncomfortable boundaries to love even those who challenge and frustrate and anger us. As we seek the best in ourselves, the deepest part, the part that defies logic, we find Divine love that comes in the form of Grace. That, my friends, is real love, love that cuts the crap and carries us through it, that allows us to understand the difficult one and even ourselves differently, more completely. 

So how do you find love when they won't listen, they won't reason, when you're spitting mad and want nothing more than to lash out? Step away. Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes. Go deep in prayer, meditation, thought, whatever you can muster, and ask for Grace. For you AND for your difficult one. Then do it again and again and again. Be ready to let go of the hurt. Be ready to lead by the example of Love. Be humble. Be patient. Know that the pain they create is born of their own pain or illness. Create distance if you must. 

All of this is incredibly worth it. I had tried everything else, even walking away, but only Divine intervention gave me peace in circumstances that were so upsetting they compromised my health. The process is profound and the resulting Grace is life changing, hurt healing, forgiveness inducing. 

We're in this together, Underdogs!
And it's all the better when we're in it in Love.