No Doubt

Doubt is a crazy, insidious thing that has a way of making its way into our minds with a mission to destroy confidence, dreams and belief. It’s like a slow leak in the house that is barely noticeable at first, but creates mass destruction under the surface.

I’m soon heading to a writers’ conference with 800 women who seem incredible, filled with amazing gifts to offer the world, yet I’m reading a lot of offline comments from them about doubt drip dropping its way into their minds, making them wonder if they have a place where people go to hone and pitch their craft. And they’re not alone. We all face varying degrees of doubt in varying parts of our lives. 

So here’s a message I proclaim for my own benefit as well as yours. Doubts are just thoughts so don’t give them power! Pull them out of your head, hurl them to the ground and stomp them until they are lifeless! YOU have purpose! So do I! Stand without doubt and believe!