We Have to Bother

Sometimes the weight is heavy and you wonder... why bother? 

Chasing a dream, raising a family, keeping a marriage together, just getting through the day-to- day grind... it can be difficult. Sometimes it's lonely, too. But don't get stuck in this mucky time. Pause, but don't stay there because the effort, the energy, the perseverance will surely pay off. For you. For me. 

No matter what your circumstances seem to tell you, there is someone who is right there, right here, ready to push and pull and cheer you out of the muck. And when you are free, be there to help someone else. Send them a text, give them a call, stop by, say a prayer, share these words of encouragement. 

In a world full of uncertainty and times of trials, we have to be there for one another. That, my Underdogs, is what this little place of reprieve is all about.