Why It's Good to be an Underdog

A gift-giving pair of the original Underdogs

A gift-giving pair of the original Underdogs

This is us. I'd dare say it's all of us. We are Underdogs: the ones who are doubted, discounted, and looked at as long shots. But we are also the ones who persevere with determination and tenacity. We defy the odds. 

Whether writing scripts in my TV days, or writing my book and blog now, I gravitate toward Underdogs. Always have. Maybe it's because I'm one as well. We all are at some point in our lives. Or many points.

That's why I use this term of endearment here. It's a reminder that you can overcome. You can be the one who falls and gets up and falls again. But you do not quit. You might have moments of questionning, but ultimately, you return to the belief that you can. You believe you will. So you get back up and you keep on going. Again and again.

And when you can't, we are here to encourage you, encourage one another.  With positive messages and reminders, we push and pull and help as Underdogs United. We find the extraordinary every day and, in the process, pour fuel on our collective and individual fires. 

The gorgeous Underdogs in this photo are my dear ones who have been here from the start. I don't know what I'd do without them. Sweet Leslie and her beautiful girl, Anna Lee, who sings like an angel, brought me this fabulous Underdog bag. Just because. How thoughtful... and cute... are they!?! Guys, this is what it is to be an Underdog community. We are one another's biggest supporters.

Be fuel for someone's fire. Find fuel for your own. (You can always get it here whenever you need it! Subscribe and we’ll send it to your inbox- free!) 

Keep smiling, Underdogs. Keep going. And stay close. In whatever we're after, we will prevail. You. Me. And nearly four-thousand others who are part of this tribe. Together. Prevailing. This is what we do. This is what you will do!